The letters from patients like the one below make all the early mornings and late nights worth it! We are so honored that you chose IVF Phoenix to be apart of your journey!

Dear Rhoda,

I wanted to thank you and Dr. C from the bottom of my heart for making our dream of having a rainbow baby come true. When I first called your office I was in a really low place after just having had my third miscarriage and being told by my old RE that they had no idea why the miscarriages kept happening. Their only advice was that I should just work on “lifestyle factors”- whatever that meant. We were down to our last three embryos (we wouldn’t be able to make any more due to my age and my donor was only able to do one retrieval round for me due to her own IVF journey) and unwilling to move forward with another transfer with our old RE because there was no real plan or answers about how we might be able to move forward successfully. I started researching local clinics and came up with a shortlist of three clinics including yours that seemed to have a reputation for helping difficult cases like mine with unexplained recurrent miscarriages. I called your office second and connected with you right away (I had to leave a message with the first place) and after speaking with you never had to speak with the other clinics because our conversation finally gave me hope. You told me that Dr. C specialized in cases like mine and that you believed we had a chance of success. I believed you right away and made an appointment for a consult. At our consult, Dr. Couvaras asked me all kinds of questions that let me know that he was approaching my case in a whole new way- I was so relieved to not be hearing more of the same. When Dr. C gave me my diagnosis I was surprised but so many things about my pregnancies and miscarriages started tom make sense. I committed to doing everything Dr. C. recommended and while my transfer prep with your office took time and hard work, it was 1000% worth it. Against all odds, we have our miracle baby and our family is now complete. Thank you so much for giving me hope and a new approach- we wouldn’t be here without you both!