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I am a current patient of Dr. Couvaras! My husband and I have been on our journey with him since January. From our first consult to our following appointments….he is awesome! He takes the time to make us feel comfortable, answers all our questions, and brings along his sense of humor (which I enjoy as this journey can be stressful at times) He truly treats each patient as a unique individual and develops a specific plan (journey) for their own needs. The staff member are just as amazing!! They answer every phone call, question, and provide medication support. I highly recommend Dr. Couvaras for anyone struggling with getting pregnant. Feel free to comment or reach out to me if you want.

Sarah, From Facebook

The Miracle Makers! We were recommended to IVF Phoenix by a friend who had been a patient and we will forever be grateful for that! After 5 miscarriages and 3 doctors telling us the next pregnancy would work we finally sought the advice from a fertility specialist. I was given tons of support from the entire staff and Doc and Rhoda along with the rest of the crew became extended family. Doc looked into every possible cause of our recurrent losses and found the right protocol and now we have a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Doc was honest and direct which we truly appreciate. The staff was accommodating and was always available when we needed anything. We’ll be back for a chance of another child soon!

Barry D, From Yelp

Dr. C is sharp, funny, professional, straight to the point, and knew how to get to the root of my cause and cared about getting me healthy first to get me pregnant. He chose a protocol that was specific to me and it was not a one size fits all protocol. I am now 10 weeks pregnant and just graduated the clinic today and cannot thank Dr. C and the team enough! (Happy tears!) The whole team is spectacular. I would absolutely recommend IVF Phoenix to anyone who is on the fence on where to go to start their family. They made it possible for me and I am eternally grateful for Dr. C, Rhoda, and IVF Phoenix Team!

Daniela F., From Yelp

Dr. Couvaras and his staff are the best! My husband and I were referred to him by a previous patient of his who successfully got pregnant after years of trying with no success from other fertility doctors. We went to a seminar he held at his office and it was a great way to understand his philosophy and personality. We liked him immediately. He also does not push IVF but tries to understand the underlying issues. Dr. Couvaras helped us conceive twins and I’m so grateful for all his help. His staff is very approachable and professional. You can text them any time of the day. I always had a positive experience there and would highly recommend Dr. Couvaras to anyone having fertility issues.

Dawn, From Yelp

My husband and I are so thankful for Dr. Couvaras and staff. We were struggling to have a family and stumbled across the IVF Phoenix website. We are from Canada and the staff was fantastic to deal with and very accommodating to work with. We always had support no matter what time of the day. We now have the most perfect beautiful little boy to complete our family!!! So grateful and blessed!!!

Jolene, From Facebook Page

This is hands down the BEST fertility clinic in all of Az. Dr. Couvaras and Rhoda are amazing!! Not only are they compassionate and helpful beyond expectations they really look at the whole body and systems and get to the root of the problem. If you are even thinking about fertility go see this place first!

Hope L. , From Yelp

Doctor Couvaras lat IVF Phoenix was the first doctor to look at my medical history and find an underlying disorder which was at the root of our issues. His treatment approaches take a very “out of the box” perspective helping couples conceive and carry healthy babies. We finally began to feel a some sense of relief on what has be one of the biggest struggles we have experienced together. Dr. Couvaras and the IVF team worked closely and cautiously with us to ensure we had every chance of achieving a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. If you are considering working with Dr. Couvaras and the IVF team, know that you have found THE place, THE team, THE doctor that could just be the answer to your prayers, we did. We are so thankful for Dr. C and his team!

Dana M., From Yelp

I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. John Couvaras. He truly understands what you are going through and you can hear the hope in his voice that he has for you. And his staff is excellent, caring and compassionate.

Kavya, From Yelp

Dr. Couvaras helped make my dreams come true. When I finally went to Dr. Couvaras I had been seeing another top fertility doctor in the valley for over two years. I had tried seven IUI cycles that had all failed and had begun to think that my dream of becoming a mother may never happen. It just seemed like we had continued doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results. I met with Dr. Couvaras and he went over a lot of information.

Jodi, From Facebook

I absolutely love Dr. C! We tried to get pregnant for 5 years! Without him, I wouldn’t be holding my 1-month-old baby! He Tells you how it is- and has a great sense of humor! I was always kept in the loop with things, and talked to like a human! We tried MANY different things to try to raise my husband’s Sperm count before moving into donor sperm. The staff was absolutely amazing! Beautiful office and always clean!

Source Fertility IQ

 As I approached 40 I decided to see a fertility doctor to see what my options are for being able to have a child. One of the doctors I met with was Dr. Couvaras who had a more unique approach to having my system respond to a pregnancy. The protocol he used after analyzing my history was very impressive as well as unconventional (compared to other options I had been given). By boosting my body’s own immune system he was able to get me to the point where I became pregnant naturally and without further intervention. I have a beautiful baby today thanks to Dr. Couvaras!

Pagona, From Yelp

He is an amazing Doctor. I have Hashimoto’s and MTHFR and he knew how to work with these not just offer more testing like the other Doctor Book an appointment. Don’t delay. He is the best in the Mesa/Gilbert area Smaller office and not a factory where you felt like a number. Also does not push Ivf in the first meeting. Smart caring and has incredible insight From beginning to end he looked at the problems I was having and worked on getting me better before trying to make a baby. It worked! All the staff is so helpful. They were available weekends and after hours Awesome. Modern clean. No clutter. Convenient. They helped us set up an HSA to benefit from the tax incentives. They care!

Source Fertility IQ

My wife and I welcomed our first child in October thanks to the team at IVF Phoenix! We had a horrible experience at another facility before finding Dr. Couvaras and his team. We were treated wonderfully by all staff members and felt very comfortable with each step of our process. I was able to carry my wife egg and was pregnant on our first try. We can’t wait to go back for our next baby!

Jenna, From Facebook Page

Dr. John Couvaras is a brilliant and compassionate physician who has devoted his career to helping women achieve successful pregnancies. Deserving of the utmost respect in his field, and particularly by patients. This is a physician who is helping those of us in desperate infertility situations. If you are, as I have been, an infertility patient, remember to be kind and respectful to Dr. Couvaras. He spent many sleepless nights and made a huge financial investment in his education and extra training in becoming an Infertility Expert. I believe in Karma. Treat those who are helping you with appreciation and respect and you might find that things tend to fall into place. Be blessable. Attitude and appreciation go a long way towards success in any endeavor. Thank you Dr. Couvaras for putting up with us when we are not who we should be. You deserve our grateful respect, and I am sorry if you do not always receive it.

Mandy, From Yelp

I first met Dr. Couvaras when he was volunteering his time to help improve the practice of medicine in Arizona, including advocating to restore health care for low-income children and families. I have met so many people positively impacted by Dr. Couvaras’ that have successful families thanks to his prudent, smart medical care. Years later, I would love from being his colleague to his patient. He quickly identified an underlying medical issue for me, and I am on the path to health! He is very respectful of my family and personal choices. I highly recommend Dr. Couvaras and his bright, helpful staff. Thank you to Dr. Couvaras and his amazing practice manager, Rhoda, for giving me personal confidence, increased health, and equality in medicine.

Sara, From Yelp

He thoroughly explained everything and did extensive bloodwork. Some of the supplements he advised, I still use. Listen and follow everything he advisers Dr. Couvaris was kind, thorough, and convinced my husband to finally get a sleep study and CPAP, to improve his health and our chances of conceiving. Supplements to improve health, and fertility. Insemination. Fertility shots and drugs to improve health and fertility/heparin therapy and antiviral protocols I always felt cared for, and about. Nurses were available at any time. Clean, nice, and professional. Comforting Less than other clinics which insisted on IVF immediately

Source Fertility IQ

If you are looking for a doctor to help you get the family you have been dreaming of, look no further! Dr.couvaras came highly recommended by multiple people and I’m glad I followed their recommendation. He takes his time to really figure out the issue and does not just assume the problem or shoot from the hip. We had to do IVF procedure and his staff was truly amazing the whole way! Kara who picked up as my nurse was a breath of fresh air who truly cares. Angie is awesome if you need IV’s, or blood drawn she is very good, Jennifer is the ultrasound tech who is another sweetheart and Shelina is front desk who is very prompt at getting back to you with any questions you may have. They are a great team and really helped me during the process. Highly recommend him, without him I would not be pregnant with our little angel! I can’t thank you enough Dr.Couvaras!

Samantha , From Yelp

From the moment we met Dr. Couvaras, My husband and I felt totally comfortable, secure, and well informed. Additionally, the nurses and staff at IVF Phoenix provided prompt, efficient care with both expertise and patience. Whether ordering prescriptions, educating me on how to properly administer medications or explaining options and probable outcomes of specific treatment protocols, Dr. Couvaras, and his team were simply remarkable. I never felt alone, and appreciated the close guidance they provided throughout our entire treatment. I couldn’t be happier with the results! My husband and I are now 12 weeks pregnant, and are absolutely thrilled! I would recommend Ivf Phoenix to anyone who is interested in finding the cause of their infertility. We love and appreciate everyone at Ivf Phoenix, they are a 2nd family to us. We still can’t thank them enough for making our dreams come true!

Jaden, From Facebook Page

The staff and Dr. Couvaras were so kind and understanding. They called me by name as soon as I walked in. Dr. Couvaras was incredibly knowledgeable and knew from the first visit what was going on and after tests came back he was 100% right. He was informative, personable and took care of my health needs as a priority. I never felt left on the back burner. Innovative for sure because now I have 3 amazing children!

Source Fertility IQ

I cannot say enough great things about Dr Couvaras and his team. Dr. Couvaras is a genius. He is very passionate about his job and it shows. He is always studying the latest treatments and research and does not treat his patients with a cookie cutter approach. His style is very direct and to the point but his wife, Rhoda, balances him out perfectly with her compassion, understanding and encouragement. She will go the extra mile for you, she will comfort you through your heartbreak, she is amazing.

Rochelle M., From Google

Dr. C is very smart and will show you lots of information, graphs, charts, diagrams, sometimes it’s too much but I always felt, 100%, that I knew the what, why, when and how! I feel blessed to have been able to navigate my infertility journey with him by our side. I absolutely love him! (He’s funny too!) Be upfront, have questions ready ahead of time and be ready to learn a lot ! Dr. Couvaras took time to explain every step of the way. He showed compassion during time of loss and happiness during times of joy. He hugs you, remembers you and treats you like a friend if he sees you out in public! He’s an amazing human himself!

Source Fertility IQ

Big thanks to Dr. Couvaras and the Ivf Phx and Mesa team for my two healthy pregnancies and daughters. After years of trying to conceive I met with several doctors and chose Dr. Couvaras for a multitude of reasons. His meticulous approach is far beyond the one-size-fits all that I saw with other doctors. Dr. Couvaras dives deep into the underlying causes of infertility and formulates a plan unique to each patient. I made lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, sleep), took natural supplementation to prepare my body and I was shocked to see positive changes in my blood labs. This guy knows what he is doing.

Emily A., From Yelp

We now have an amazing 1-month-old son thanks to Dr. C and Rhoda! We definitely will be returning for our next. Thanks for always being there for us!

Jessica, From Yelp

If there were more stars to give I would give them more. They made me feel so welcome after having a very bad experience with another clinic. Throughout my process, I had amazing interactions with the entire staff. They were so helpful and caring to my wife and I. We are now expecting our first child and I already cannot wait to go back for our second!

Jenna, From Yelp

Best practice in town! I have used Dr. Couvaras for my first and second pregnancy. He takes the time to diagnose exactly what the problem is. His office staff is great and incredibly welcoming. The knowledge this practice has and the flawless work that Dr. Couvaras does completely exceeds our expectations. With years and years of experience, I would trust this man with my life. I am thankful for him for my 2 1/2 yr old boy and this sweet little bun in my oven.

Anna, From Yelp

This review is long overdue, but my excuse is I have had a beautiful newborn keeping me busy thanks to the wonderful Dr. Couvaras! Dr. Couvaras is by far the best Fertility doctor you will ever meet. We spent thousands and wasted a little over a year (valuable time I couldn’t afford) with another Fertility doctor that happens to be the next door neighbor to Dr. Couvaras’ Scottsdale location. After 6 failed IUI’s and being made to feel like herded sheep with the revolving door of, “sorry you’re not pregnant; call us on your next cycle day 1” and no Dr. Update, I was bewildered, frustrated and heartbroken to say the least.

Lynn, From Facebook

Dr. C and his staff are amazing! My husband and I had tried another fertility clinic before IVF Phoenix and treatment after treatment was unsuccessful. We were about to give up, but a friend who had just had success with Dr. C recommended him to us and it was the best decision of our lives to go for it because we were finally blessed with our beautiful baby girl surprisingly after the first try with him! Thank you for our little miracle Dr. Couvaras and IVF Phoenix!

Jackie, From Facebook

I can not thank Dr. Couvaras enough for blessing my husband and I with the most amazing baby girl. I was at the point of giving up then I decided to go to IVF Phoenix for one last treatment and I’m thankful I did. Dr. Couvaras thinks outside of the box which is what I needed. I know refer all of my friends to him as soon as I find out they are struggling. Thank you IVF Phoenix for everything you have done for my family!

Laura, From Facebook

I believe this is the first time I’ve reviewed anyone or anything online- I had to do it. Dr. Couvaras is simply the best. If you’re reading this because you’re trying to pick the best possible Dr., you can stop your search, you’ve found him. Don’t waste any more time, pick up the phone and make an appointment. You will not be disappointed.

Teresa, From Yelp

I felt like we had a bit of a bumpy road with a couple of the staff members but ultimately Dr. Couvaras helped us achieve our dream and we now have a perfect 3-month-old. I really appreciate his out of the box thinking and I feel like what he teaches truly works. I never felt healthier than when I followed his protocol. Kara, Angie, and Shalena are all shining stars that I felt 100% comfortable with. I am a realistic person and I do understand that in life nothing is perfect but I do think it’s worth mentioning that there was a staff member that I felt uncomfortable with and it did taint the experience a little bit and that is unfortunate. I have and will always recommend this practice and will be forever grateful for my little miracle. Thank you IVF Phoenix!

Erica, From Facebook

Dr. Courvaras is the best there is in the infertility world!! Our first baby is here because of him and his team. Our baby is 17 and will be graduating from high school in less than a month!! We have never forgotten him and the gift he helped us have!!

Zena, From Facebook

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Does my Spouse/Partner need to attend the initial New Patient TeleMed Appointment with me?2023-02-01T14:44:18+00:00

We believe that the spouse/partner is critical to supporting the process you will be going through. Although it is not mandatory that your partner attend, the first appointment is designed to evaluate the history of both patient and partner in order to best determine possible underlying causes of infertility.  Approximately 40% of infertility is related to men, we believe it is important that we address both the woman and man efficiently. We also request that your spouse/partner complete new patient forms at the same time so there is no delay in any diagnostic testing.

Who do I contact if I have questions?2023-04-26T15:44:23+00:00

Patient Portal: This is the best way to communicate any questions or concerns to our team.

During office hours, you can also text us at 602 765 2229.

Our main line for both offices is 602 765 2229. Should you have questions during normal hours, we are available to take your call.

Emergency After Hours: If you have an emergency after hours, on the weekend or a holiday, we have a clinical team on on-call to assist you. Simply call our main number and you will be connected to someone who will assist you. Please note any misuse of the after-hours line with non emergent requests may result in a $50 charge per call to your account.

As always, for true medical emergencies, call 911 or go to your closest Hospital’s Emergency Room.

Will there be anyone who can help me understand the costs and how I can afford treatment?2022-11-30T19:05:12+00:00

At IVF Phoenix™, we have financial counselors who are specially trained to understand insurance benefits and the resources available to help you afford treatment. Whether you have insurance or are paying out of pocket, we make every resource available to you to help you achieve the outcome you desire.

Will my insurance cover the cost?2023-04-26T15:46:18+00:00

Before your first visit, we will attempt to perform complimentary benefit verification on your behalf. Because the level and scope of fertility benefits vary widely, you should take every step needed to be sure you understand your benefits prior to your visit. We encourage you to contact your Health plan or employer to verify any information we were able to obtain. In most cases, we are able to file claims for the office visits and tests related to the diagnosis of infertility. However, there will be instances for some people where services provided related to infertility are specifically excluded. In these instances, you will be personally responsible for the payment for services. IVF Phoenix™ participates in most commercial insurance plans. We are not in network with ACCCHS.

Do I need to bring any records with me?2023-02-01T14:39:19+00:00

Since all new patient appointments are virtual, we ask that you complete the new patient paperwork which has a medical request form. If you have copies of your medical records they can be faxed to 602 493 6641 or email to scheduling@ivfphoenix.com

For the new patient ultrasound study does it matter where I am in my cycle?2023-02-01T14:40:56+00:00

Nope! We got you! For your initial ultrasound appointment, the menstrual cycle is not a relevant factor. However, when you book future appointments for diagnostic testing (e.g. blood work and HSG) your point in your menstrual cycle is a key factor.  Though, if you are from out of town, it is best for you to be 4-6 days post ovulation, or a week before your period.  This will allow us to try to get the luteal phase blood testing locally, to maximize efficiency.

Does my spouse/partner need to accompany me?2022-11-30T18:59:25+00:00

We believe that the spouse/partner is critical to supporting the process you will be going through. Although it is not mandatory that your partner attend, the first appointment is designed to evaluate the history of both patient and partner in order to best determine possible underlying causes of infertility.  Approximately 40% of infertility is related to men, we believe it is important that we address both the woman and man efficiently.

What happens on the first visit?2023-02-01T14:47:02+00:00

At your first visit, one of the most important elements in determining the correct course of care is to completely understand your general medical history and the efforts you’ve taken to become pregnant thus far. Your Physician will spend ample time with you to discuss your history and the steps you may have already taken to attempt pregnancy. When you become a patient at IVF Phoenix™, your physician will begin a very thorough evaluation of your individual condition and take the steps necessary to understand your medical history and other possible conditions that may be affecting your ability to become pregnant. You should plan on your first appointment to take at least 45 minutes.



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