Patient Praise!!! My husband and I have been TTC for 3 years. 1 year on our own and then we went to a different clinic initially that determined we had male factor infertility (2% morphology) and everything else looked good. We did medicated timed intercourse cycles, IUIs, IVF with a fresh transfer and 2 FETs. After 3 failed transfers of 5 embryos with no explanation, we decided to switch clinics and went to IVF Phoenix. We were so impressed with the thorough consultation we had with Dr. C and knew right away we were in the right hands. He is a genius and thinks outside the box. Ran a ton of tests that the other doctor didn’t even think of and set up our protocol based on his determination of an implantation issue, NOT male factor.

Well, he got us pregnant on the very first IUI!!! Did I mention my husband’s sperm count hasn’t been over 1.5 million post wash each time also and hovered between 2-4% morphology before wash? Unfortunately, we did have an early MMC on that round but my husband and I had NEVER gotten pregnant within the three years of trying everything!

We tried again with IUI #2 and had a chemical (very light line on test but didn’t get darker and eventually was negative on beta day). Dr. C met with us and again, didn’t just throw the same protocol at us, but he customized it again based on what was going on with more testing he ran. It took about a month or so of further treatment which is never fun when we are so impatient to get pregnant, but it was all worth it.

This leads me to IUI #3– we are now 9 weeks pregnant… with TWINS!!!! Everything is looking good so far and although I know it’s still early and we are cautiously optimistic — for the first time since we began trying, I am starting to feel excited about bringing home a baby (or two:) )

I am 100% certain that we wouldn’t have had success if we didn’t go to IVF Phoenix. They are so on top of all the ‘out of the box’ treatment plans and they work really hard to make sure their patients have success instead of just throwing them in cycle after cycle or moving them straight to IVF like a lot of clinics. Their entire team is so knowledgable and really care about their patients.