Dear Patients,

We will be resuming care in a much larger way than over the last few weeks.

What we can tell you is that we are implementing the necessary protocols to keep you, me, and my team staff.

You will need to wear a mask when you are in our locations.

You will need to have your temperature taken each and every time you are here.

No children will be permitted to attend your appointments with you.

We ask that spouses, partners and soon to be Grandparents will not at this time be permitted in with you.

You will not be allowed to linger in our waiting rooms and I know we face triple digits in the Valley.

I know. Hard decisions while we transition.

There will be no exceptions to the above.

What you have all shown us is that you can do hard things to help the greater good.

I am proud of you.

If you opt to have a new patient appointment via telemedicine, you still have this option which I have to admit I resisted but am fully on board with now.

Can’t wait to see you. Share with you, ALL.

Dr C.