A few years ago, I had the true honor to be among colleagues advocating for the need for transparency in healthcare.

Whether a patient had surgery in the hospital or an ambulatory surgery center, transparency is essential. It is needed and we hope to realize this imperative sooner than later.

Transparency is neither red or blue. It is essential.

Infertility coverage is also essential. No one, not a man or woman chooses infertility.


We have considerable work to do in our country.

The saying goes:
If you are not at the table, then you are on the menu.

So will you elevate this message with me?

Friends, we need to make our voices heard.

The time is now to get organized and be heard.

This June 2021 we need your help. Family building issues are bi-partisan and we need each and every voice for support.

Register at resolve.org/get-involved/events/advocacy-day

Will you show up to deliver the message that Infertility matters?

Please SHARE.
Love Rhoda