My patients recall with dismay when I tell them the retrieval is the easier part of the journey. Once we have that precious embryo, we want to do absolutely everything possible and rule out as much as possible before advancing the Embryo Transfer.

At IVF Phoenix™, many of the women come to us after experiencing with experience what’s called implantation failure. This happens when an embryo doesn’t implant in the uterus. Many women with multiple IVF failures blame themselves when embryos that have been chromosomally tested are healthy fail to implant; they may think they did something “wrong.” In reality, there are many factors at play when it comes to implantation, and implantation failure doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get pregnant or need a surrogate to conceive.
Tagged on this post are some patients who admittedly were frustrated with the wait but the saying as trite as it may be is never more true! It was worth the wait. @pattie.oneill3  @sara.henke7 @samantharoberge
If you have experienced failure with IVF, our hearts are with you. Not only can it be extremely emotional, it can be very stressful. Take encouragement from these ladies…..Feel free to ask away!