We are so excited to share that Dr. Couvaras has been voted the winner of the 2021 Best Fertility Doctor in Arizona Foothills Magazine, this is the 8th year in a row and we cannot be more thrilled at IVF Phoenix(TM).⁣

We have some new patients and would like to share more about Dr. C:⁣
? He was born in Houston, Texas⁣
? He attended kindergarten in Calcutta India at Mrs. Barth’s School. His Father was working overseas at this time.⁣
? He went back to the US for his elementary grade education in Houston.⁣
? He attended high school in New Delhi, India at the American Embassy School @aesdelhi and he credits his curious and abstract thinking to these formative years growing up on two continents.⁣
? He returned to Texas. Undergrad at UT Austin, Medical School at UT San Antonio and Internship and Internship & Residency at Baylor School of Medicine in Dallas, Tx, and then REI Fellowship at UT Southwest Medical Center.⁣
? He is a double board-certified OBGYN and REI.⁣
? He is a CAP Inspector (He audits IVF Programs in the USA and this is a volunteer position)⁣
? He has been married to his wife Rhoda for 10 years and has two rescue poodles, Archie and Nikki.⁣

He is the proud Father of two accomplished young men who have striking qualities like their Dad.⁣

He values curiosity and honesty and desires more of this for all of us in 2021.