Have you experienced pregnancy or infant loss?

It is hard to talk about, but what can be even harder is deciding what is next. How long should you wait if you want to try again? What can you expect after having a loss?

People’s feelings can change after loss, but that doesn’t make any one person right. We say, do what makes you happy!

Are you wanting to wait, or get started right away?
The key things to know are:

+It is advised not to have sexual intercourse after miscarriage until all the bleeding has stopped.  This is to avoid infection.
+It can be helpful to wait until you have had at least one period after your miscarriage before trying again.  This makes it easier to calculate dates in the next pregnancy if you conceive straight away.
+If you conceive before you have a period, it doesn’t make you more likely to miscarry in this new pregnancy.  In fact:
+There is good evidence that there is a lower risk of miscarriage in women who conceive within the first 6 months after miscarriage.
+In most cases, the best time to try is when you and your partner feel physically recovered and emotionally ready to embark on another pregnancy.

We do recommend if you have had a late miscarriage or repeated losses, you should seek the expertise of an RE before trying to conceive, again.

If you are out of state and not able to travel to Arizona, we would be pleased to recommend one of my many respected colleagues to you.

Baby Dust to all. Never give up on your miracle!

Rhoda and Dr C