As I unpack the trials and tribulations of COVID 19, one thing is for sure:
  • Being part of a team that collaborates and becomes invested in each others’ success is a happy place.
  • My team has readjusted to the new requirements of how we interact and see patients.
  • Being with them helps so much in knowing we are healing and moving forward.
  • We are a comfort to each other knowing we are moving ahead with patient care.
  • We have been rotating new scrub hats and having fun with this new must have.

Today, patients graduated and one more is on her way after almost packing it in.

I want to remember ways the mandated shelter in place impacted me:

  • The acts of human kindness whilst in the face of fatalities and sickness
  • Healthcare Heroes around the world being acknowledges for the oath they took to practice medicine.
  • The universal adoption of telemedicine. (AMAZING)
  • Several spontaneous pregnancies and the joy in getting those calls of sheer surprise!
  • Countries like India reporting dramatic pollution reduction

Finally, although it was previously hard to accept, the digital age has been pivotal and has kept us all connected to each other in a profound way.

The absence of hugs and human touch is so hard for me. I got so emotional saying goodbye at Graduation today.

Let’s never lose sight that we are getting through a global pandemic.

Let’s never lose sight in the power of human kindness.

Let’s never forget these lessons and the lives lost for us to learn this great lesson.

Be Kind even if he or she cannot see your smile.

Love Rhoda