Are you planning to travel soon, but concerned about the Coronavirus (Covid-19)? Today we want to share some travel planning tips, to help you travel smart!
Alright, so first things first: Should you actually travel right now… Well, it really depends on where you are planning the travel to and how much hassle that could pack into your trip.
Other tips:
  1. Don’t travel if you are sick. If you travel to an airport that is quarantining people, you now have the risk of being quarantined if you are expressing any flu-like symptoms.
  2. Be cognizant of where you are traveling to and your flight status. Traveling right now means there is an increased risk that travel may be disrupted, due to flight cancellations.
  3. Consider the likelihood that you may get sick while traveling. Elderly people, people who may be immunocompromised, and we are suggesting pregnant women, should access if the likelihood of traveling could get them sick, and if so, stay grounded.
Again, public health officials are reminding us all too frequently washing hands, avoid touching unwashed hands to the face, and liberal use of hand sanitizer all reduce the risk of getting this virus.