It is women’s health week and we wanted to share about a toxin that many women don’t know about… a toxin in tampons.

Something to note is that tampons are actually considered a “medical device” which means that many ingredients do not have to be disclosed.

The word fragrance itself can contain any number of over 3,400 chemicals, many of which are toxic. Although the bleaching process has changed over the years and dioxin is said not to be a factor-in recent study they have been found in more than half of the tampons/sanitary napkins tested. So why worry about Dioxin? It is a toxic chlorine compound linked to cancer.

If you didn’t know, toxins are cumulative in the body. It is likely very true that using non-organic tampons one month or year is not going to destroy your health, however, the average woman menstruates for 30-40 years. That is an estimated 12,000 tampons.

Lastly, from the research we’ve done, the FDA currently has no plans to fund any studies on the safety of tampons.

There are many new safer options on the market today from menstrual cups, period panties and organic pads and tampons. Do your research and find out which is right for you!