Want another health reason to kick the soda habit? Well, here it is!⁣

It is #toxicTuesday and we want to talk to you about bromine and BVOs (brominated vegetable oils), a chemical that is banned in the EU but is legal in the US.⁣

All BVOs (brominated vegetable oils) contain bromine, which is an additive in many different sodas and sports drinks. This additive is used to prevent color separation.⁣

Studies show that BVO’s can alter the endocrine and nervous system, and can potentially lead to heart disease.⁣

What can you do? Decrease your intake of bromine as it can build up in the body.⁣

  1. Learn to read labels and avoid products that contain bromine. A common one used after FET is Gatorade⁣
  2. Always thoroughly wash all vegetables and fruits. If possible remove the skin of the fruit before consumption. This will help minimize the consumption of bromine-containing pesticides.⁣
  3. Do not eat foods or drink from plastic containers. The longer the beverages and foods are left in plastic containers, the more likely it is that bromine will have leached. Instead, store your water in glass or tin vessels.⁣
  4. When you buy flour or wheat, read the label to make sure it is bromine free. The same applies to all baked goods.⁣
  5. Avoid soda beverages, Instead drink water or a good quality electrolyte for rapid oral hydration.⁣
  6. If you have a hot tub or sauna, install an ozone purification system. These devices can keep the water clean and minimize contamination from bromine.