Aluminum foil is a modern convenience; many of us cook with it and store food in it.

But, did you know you also…. take it in antacids, vaccines, water, and use it in antiperspirants? Yes, it is in all of those things!

While we do have aluminum in our everyday environment there is no proven safe amount in our bodies. Although the CDC and FDA have set some guidelines: One of the aluminum risks is the build-up in the brain leading to Alzheimer’s disease. High levels of aluminum exposure have been associated with neurological declines in balance, coordination, and memory. ( Aluminum foil is one avenue you could eliminate and cut down on your aluminum exposure because the aluminum foil will leach into your foods.

I have found having a collection of glass storage containers make it easier to store leftover in. This eliminates aluminum leaching, plastic leaching, AND cuts down on your trash.