We are deeply saddened by recent events across our country.

The destruction of looting and violence has taken honestly just taken our voice today.

We sat together earlier today thinking of what to post today to our online family and the truth is nothing seems right or appropriate.

So today, we wanted to take a step back and reflect on the events over the last several months.

In recent months, we were ordered not to go out and now we a curfew imposed across our state.

Faith Leaders are meeting to openly discuss how we heal and get back to living a good and productive life honoring race, religion, and respect for each other.

❤️ No judgment
❤️ No disparities
❤️ No racial slurs
❤️ No political slants
❤️ No ranting
❤️ No hate

Just peace. We need THIS, now.

Tomorrow, we hope to be back to you with greater insight and inspiration.

But today, we choose peace.

John and Rhoda Couvaras.