The U.S. Senate confirmed Sarah Pitlyk to a lifetime seat on a federal court.
A lifetime seat. A. LIFETIME. SEAT.
The American Bar Association had rated Pitlyk as unqualified.
Sarah Pitlyk is against abortion and supports religious rights.
Sarah Pitlyk argued points in a 2017 amicus brief opposing a California statute that protects the right to assisted reproductive technology like in vitro fertilization, or IVF, and gestational surrogacy.


Sarah Pitlyk went on to say “surrogacy is harmful to mothers and children, so it’s a practice society should not be enforcing.”


As a Fertility Specialist, my goal is to advocate for my patients using SCIENCE.
As a Fertility Specialist, my goal is to advocate for my patients reproductive care while keeping them safe and healthy.
As a Fertility Specialist, my duty is to practice medicine with a high standard that is absent of any kind of judgement or political bias.
As a Fertility Specialist, I hold two medical board certifications in OBGYN and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.


The American Dream, at its core, is the belief that every generation should enjoy greater prosperity than the generation before it. It is often portrayed as reaching certain milestones, such as having children.


I will continue to to take care of my patients using reproductive advances such as surrogacy, gestational carriers and other proven medical interventions to achieve a safe and viable pregnancy for ALL of my patients.
Dr C.