It is the smallest gestures that often make the largest of impressions.⁣
A manila, unmarked envelope was delivered to my office and made its way to my desk.⁣
In it was one of those gestures that I will always cherish.⁣
I would like to share parts of the letter with you:⁣
“Dr. Couvaras,⁣
Enclosed please find a photo of my daughter …..who is now married. She is shown here with her babies……..She now lives out of state.….. I am extremely proud of her as a person, but more so as my beloved daughter.⁣
I remember your efforts to bring my daughter into this world and I remain forever grateful for your assistance. I hope you are well and still enjoying what you bring to our world.”⁣
Do what you love and all the rest of life will fall into place. Being a Reproductive Endocrinologist is an honor. To be remembered many years later by one of my patients whom I helped become a father is a privilege.⁣
Choose what makes you happy all knowing there will be hard days ahead.⁣
If you are considering medicine, do it.⁣
Stay curious.⁣
Seek mentors.⁣
Don’t listen to the noise that surrounds that decision. If it is calling you, do it.⁣
There is nothing more rewarding for me than creating families.⁣
Don’t look for immediate gratification.⁣
This letter has come more than two decades after the fact yet its timing is perfectly beautiful and cherished.⁣
Have a great week!⁣
Dr. C.