Have you ever heard the terms, “the Dirty Dozen” and “the Clean Fifteen”? I hadn’t either, but I really like the rhyming that helps you to remember this information.

These two phrases symbolize a lot about our current food and farming industries, in combination with our personal health. If you’retrying to become more aware about what goes into our food-aggregating, farming, and pesticides, then these two rhymes are a great place to start!

The Dirty Dozen is a phrase that refers to 12 “dirty” crops that farmers use the most pesticides on and tend to have the most pesticide residue.

These are:
❌ Strawberries
❌ Spinach
❌ Nectarines
❌ Apples
❌ Grapes
❌ Peaches
❌ Cherries
❌ Pears
❌ Tomatoes
❌ Celery
❌ Potatoes
❌ Sweet Bell Peppers

On the other end of the spectrum, The Clean Fifteen refers to fifteen crops that use the least amount of pesticides.
These are:
✔️ Avocados
✔️ Sweet corn
✔️ Pineapples
✔️ Cabbages
✔️ Onions
✔️ Sweet peas
✔️ Papayas
✔️ Asparagus
✔️ Mangoes
✔️ Eggplants
✔️ Honeydews
✔️ Kiwis
✔️ Cantaloupes
✔️ Cauliflower
✔️ Broccoli

Are you going to make any changes to decrease the amount of pesticides you are consuming?