I remember talking with @ariannahuff about feeling guilty about sleeping in or “indulging” in a little extra sleep time. In her keynote, she spoke about setting a specific time for sleep each night. As the time was approaching she would hurry to wrap things up for the night and getting tucked into bed. She explained, “its like I am rushing to catch the train.”⁣

The importance of sleep and metabolism.⁣

Have you ever wondered what time of day you burn the most calories?⁣

Researchers found that when resting, we burn 10% more calories in the late afternoon and early evening than in the morning. Your circadian rhythm plays an important role in your metabolism and it is found this may be the reason why people with irregular sleep schedules or night shifts are more likely to gain weight.⁣

The study took 7 participants and had them in a lab with no phones, clocks, or windows and was given a schedule when they could sleep, wakeup, and eat. As a result, each participant went to sleep four hours later than the night before. This is similar to what happens to your body when traveling in different time zones.⁣

Researchers found the participants burned the fewest resting calories late in the biological night when people experience a drop in their body temperature. Energy expenditure was highest about 12 hours later, in the biological afternoon and evening.⁣

Bottom line, anyone who’s trying to lose weight should maintain a normal schedule, which is important for overall health.⁣

Get deep sleep and ample amounts of sleep. Your health will thank you!⁣