Listen up. This is not a conversation to skim over.
Indulge me for just a minute.
We spend most of our adult preventing pregnancy.
Life happens, Career demands. Professional milestones achieved.
More responsibility. Less time. More work, Less time.
Yeah, maybe children one day. But not today. Right?

Is Egg Freezing right for me?

Who can benefit?
Who is a candidate?
How does it work?
What are my other options if I decide not to freeze?
Is it important for you to have a biological child in the future?

Women have never had more options to plan for a family than now.

Friends, let’s learn from other paths and experiences. I want to share my experience for your benefit.
Looking back in my 30’s- I had the fab career, got a my first home and was settling in to my career.
Frankly, I was in my prime. And that could have not been more true. But I was at the time thinking I was in my professional prime and really I was in my reproductive prime.
My Love-Life had its bumps and glory days but no life partner presented until I was 43.

Today, assisted reproduction is no longer about helping couples conceive. It has made an enormous shift to proactive family planning, especially if no life partner has show
Egg Freezing was experimental and has made huge strides for women over the last half dozen years.

The decision to whether or not to undergo egg freezing is very personal and for traditionalists like me I can fully appreciate that.

Take advantage of this option.

It is important to know egg freezing is not a guarantee but it is a pretty darn good option to have younger eggs retrieved for potential use later. The reality is that the average patient seen in our office was 38-42. Today, the average is 32 years of age. This statistic is telling us something.
It should be telling you something, too.

Now, back to my spry age of 30. I did not have $15k to allocate to a cycle. But, I think I could have managed $5k. And for this reason, one cycle of Egg Freezing is about that at our center.

I ask that you don’t get distracted with right now. Have some essential=, thoughtful and vulnerable conversations today. Looking the other way or thinking it won’t apply to you …..well…..I said that, too.

My Egyptian upbringing just assumed it would present itself. It did not. The train was never lapping around the track again. The opportunity was gone.

Heed my advice.
Start asking questions.

I am here for any questions.
Love Rhoda