We have all made them.
We have all broken them.
We have fallen off and accepted defeat.
We have all said ‘my new year resolution is…..’
Making resolutions.

Then something happens and it all goes to shit.

Yep. I said it.

2020 has shown us that living for tomorrow does not serve us. We waste the opportunity that awaits us today.

So friends, focus on today.

What does that mean, exactly?

It means continue to practice social distancing without wondering about tomorrow. Do your very best today.

It means being kind, extra patient and thoughtful with interrupted patterns as we are living under a mandated shelter in place.

It means choose humanity over a financial reward that may puts others in your close circle at risk of getting sick. Very sick.

Discontinuing fertility care was a difficult but necessary decision for so many of us. Physicians take an oath to do what is right for patients but safety must be considered, first.

We will gather again soon through tears and triumphs to delightful baby bumps. But, it has to be the safe to proceed.

Love Rhoda