If you have visited other countries where it a custom to remove your shoes before entering a home, it may not only be just out of respect, there may be some scientific evidence to back it up as a health practice. ????⁣

We all know what can be tracked in our homes from our shoes, including dust, bird droppings, dog feces, and other unwanted matter. It’s actually the leafy debris that is a breeding ground for bacteria. ?⁣

The University of Arizona assessed the number of bacteria from shoes and found 421,000 different units, which can be categorized into 9 different strains. Everything from E.coli and C.diff, which is resistant to antibiotics and was found on about 40% of the soles that were tested. Just remember every public restroom you visit gets tracked back into your home.⁣

A tip to make removing your shoes is to keep a shoe rack or basket near your door so everyone does it automatically. You will have to clean your floors less and your home will be healthier and cleaner.