Rehearsing tragedy. Do you do this?
Miscarriage and the finality of miscarriage is deeply complex. Yes, it does take time to heal. But friends, you need to give yourself a time limit so that you can welcome HOPE back into your life.
  • Don’t press pause and isolate yourself.
  • Don’t decline going to your friend’s baby shower.
  • Don’t be ashamed.
  • Don’t be angry.
  • Don’t apologize.
  • Honor what you lost but re-engage.
  • Don’t squander joy from coming back into your life.
Stop rehearsing tragedy about the next pregnancy. I know, you don’t want to be blindsided so you are already rehearsing for the worst.
Stop holding your breath and breathe.
Resist the temptation of waiting for the other shoe to drop. What if? Will it work? What if I fail again? Stop.
If you have learned anything through miscarriage, I hope it is this:
Expecting the worst does not prepare you at all. What it, in fact, tells you is how unprepared you really are.
Yes, it’s scary to try again.
Only you can make the choice to transition from a phase of self doubt, doomed filled possibilities and perpetual disappointment to yes, MOTHERHOOD. ❤️ Love Rhoda.