Rapid Fire

Those who know me, know I am determined. I define type A. John often says “you get shit done!” I built a surgery center from concrete slab up exactly on time, under budget and with not one change order. Not one. It’s rare to get a call from the bank to ask how you would like the extra loan funds to be allocated as construction has completed. Certificate of Occupancy was in hand.

I’d like to say I am much like my late father. He immigrated to Canada from Cairo, Egypt with $800 in his pocket newly married to my Mom who at the time spoke very little English. Together, they managed and adapted. He got certified as Chartered Accountant and he never looked back.

Today, I’m looking back. This week was exceptional but in a different way.

  • a circulating nurse colleague is Covid positive and she is in her second trimester.
  • another colleague has so much anxiety about her role at a new center she cannot function.
  • so many of us hold out breathe hoping just to get through the day.

On Tuesday, I found myself in tears after surgical cases in the supply room. I could not hold it any longer. These days are tough but I keep telling myself I have the opportunity of being present in this day when many others may not.

Before I moved to Arizona and became a member of IVF Phoenix, I headed up a PR Ad Agency and had some top brands as clients. I look back and life was ultra luxe. It was a polished look. Power suits. Fancy shoes every day. Manicured nails. Regular Blow outs and always a red YSL lip.

I’d still say I would want to remain right here with you. I’d still say I would not go back in time. (Ok, maybe yes to wearing the shoes every day) I’m self talking more. It helps me to say it out loud to myself. It helps me problem solve.

What is your coping strategy? I’d love to hear.