They have become harder to engage in.

Conversations about politics, race, religion and reproductive rights have always been difficult.

Today, they have become even more polarizing.

Our conversational spaces are really fractured.

The bickering and bad faith seem endless and more venomous.

Our decorum filter has largely evaporated.

It has been harder to converse productively or demonstrate restraint.

It has been harder to solicit kindness or just quietly walk away from confrontation.

People struggle to talk with one another and coexist.

Heated arguments are taking place in public places.

Give and take seems hopeless.

Another black man has lost his life because an officer would not remove or let up on his knee so firmly locked on his throat. #ripgeorgefloyd #sayhisname
Disparaging comments are being made about people who are masks while driving their vehicles. Who cares!! Why do others feel they have license to judge what someone does in their own vehicle? We need to stop.

We can do better, Friends.
We need to do better.

Better approaches are not just imaginable but I believe they are achievable.

Change starts with each of us.
Catch yourself next time.

Confrontations are sometimes better handled with no reply at all. THAT is the best conversation.

Saying nothing speaks volumes. Walking away in silence diffuses difficult conversations.
Love R