Are you looking for a new eating plan or ready to hear some new dietary facts that offer science-backed health benefits?⁣

You might be surprised… New research and a related literature review are throwing a wrench in this “conventional wisdom”. Taken together, the findings suggest eating a plant-heavy diet can significantly delay the aging process, disease, and death.⁣

Yes, you heard that right: a PLANT-heavy diet.⁣

One of our most memorable trips was India in 2018. We have many new followers so for those who did not know, I attended boarding school at the @aesdelhi in magical, New Dehli and wanted to take Rhoda on her first trip. Watching her explore it all was truly magical as it holds such a special time in my life. Being in India, was a nutritional pivot for us. She craved more vegetarian offerings and explored incorporating more spices in our meals. It has been life-changing with so many benefits including a combined weight loss of 80 lbs which we have managed to keep off. Our fridge is stock full of fresh veggies, nuts, and seeds along with various legumes. The consumption of animal protein is now a rare event.⁣

The most recent study, published in the JAMA Internal Medicine, analyzed the eating patterns and health outcomes of over 400,000 people over 16 years. The team found higher plant protein intake can cut the risk of disease and death by more than 12 percent.⁣

They also found that the beneficial dietary shifts don’t have to be massive! The research suggests that replacing just three percent of energy from animal protein with plant protein was associated with 10 percent decreased overall mortality in both men and women. Making this swap was also linked to an 11 percent lower risk of dying of cardiovascular disease in men and a 12 percent lower risk in women.⁣

We consistently strive to eat a plant-heavy diet and share recipes to help you do that as well. Will you be making any changes after hearing this?