We are honored to be apart of this journey. During these uncertain times, continue to have hope that you can do this and your time will come soon.

My hubby and I met Dr. Couvaras after having been extremely disappointed by two other highly recommended fertility doctors in the Scottsdale areas. We were not at all confident that he would be any different …. but as soon as we met him, we liked his straight forward, no BS approach of telling you things like they are and not sugar coating anything, or make you go through procedures that might not work with you and your infertility issues. He did all the due diligence in making sure we would have the highest possible chance to get pregnant, and when that happened, he and his team made all the possible efforts to make sure we stayed pregnant. And his team in both office were always supportive and patient with all my type A personality questions, text messages and phone calls. Another advantage is that we never felt taken advantage of financially, which is not to be taken for granted when visiting an infertility clinic. If your desire is to have a family and you wish to have a compassionate, honest and well prepared professional, don’t wait any longer and visit Dr. Couvaras and his staff. You will be happy with the outcome.