**Patient Praise** Smiles, happy tears and pure joy! That is what my wife and I are experiencing, and we want to thank you and your incredible staff for helping us achieve our dream of a successful pregnancy.

Prior to our first visit at IVF Phoenix, we had interviewed a few other IVF offices. The cookie-cutter approach we saw in those offices did not instill any confidence in us. But something felt different the moment we walked into IVF Phoenix. The staff was upbeat and friendly, and they made us feel comfortable while we waited for our appointment.

Any anxiety we felt going into our consultation appointment began to melt away as soon as we talked to you. Your demeanor and willingness to listen set the tone for the consultation and we knew right away we had come to the right place! We were aware that we would have challenges related to our age and pre-existing conditions, but you listened to our concerns and formulated a strategy for our IVF journey. As you outlined your plan to help us achieve a successful pregnancy, we sensed that you truly cared about us and our success. We felt like family…and this was just the first visit!

My wife’s IVF journey has been an immense amount of work, and her dedication to the plan was matched by you and your staff. Along the way, you recognized her efforts and her courage, and that meant the world to us. This effort was reflected in each member of your staff that were part of our journey. Your staff is world-class and we knew they “had our backs” throughout the entire process. We were able to ask questions knowing that you would give us answers for OUR specific needs.

Rhoda’s warm smile and approach to problem-solving eased a lot of our worries, and we appreciate that she always made time for us. The two of you are such an amazing team and you both continue to inspire us.

Dr. Couvaras, your personalized approach to IVF, coupled with a plan made specifically for my wife, has helped us to create a miracle .