Patient love! We are so honored to be apart of each and every journey!

My wife and I went to Dr. Couvaras because my wife went into preterm labor with her first pregnancy. All other doctors told her that “these things happen” and “there are no good reasons” but we just didn’t believe that. Even though Dr. Couvaras specializes in IVF, we knew he is a brilliant fertility doctor and consulted with him. Dr. Couvaras found the reason behind my wife’s previous preterm labor within 30 minutes of meeting and completing an exam.

Dr. Couvaras came up with a customized plan according to all the test he performed. My wife followed his protocol, we became pregnant right away and she give birth full term at 38weeks! She had an easy, healthy and full term pregnancy because of him. The protocol was unique and targeted all aspects of her health, including a lot of vitamins and minerals. We really loved his holistic approach.

We recommend Dr. Couvaras to all of our friends and family that are having any difficulty getting or staying pregnant! And as a health care provider I recommend him to my patients as well.