We wish patients didn’t have to see 5 doctors to get the results they wanted, but we are grateful we were the last to help them create their miracle family!

This review is long overdue – we are beyond grateful for Dr. C as he is the ONLY doctor who was able to help us after seeing 5 other doctors who completely overlooked a core issue I was having which caused several miscarriages. Dr. C immediately identified what my issue was and was able to treat it very effectively. I followed everything he said to do and wound up having a wonderful, healthy pregnancy in my 40’s!!! I had no issues or complications whatsoever and we have the most beautiful baby girl. She is truly our miracle baby and it wouldn’t be possible without Dr. C’s proprietary protocols. I would recommend him to anyone struggling with miscarriages – others doctors don’t go as in depth as he does. He’s extremely educated and experienced in this area and all I can say is that our beautiful daughter is living proof after many doctors told us I wouldn’t be able to have a live birth.

Thank you Dr. C! We will always be forever grateful for your wisdom and help.