We are honored when a patient from out of state chooses to work with us and makes the additional sacrifices to get the results they want!

I can’t begin to explain my gratitude and how happy, thankful, and thrilled we are that we chose IVF Phoenix! After years of “unexplained infertility,” naturally I began to do research on IVF facilities. Looking for those that had a good reputation, success rates, and overall someone who would make us feel comfortable through this delicate process. After intense research, Dr. C and his wife won us over! They surpassed our expectations from the little details to the big. The little ones start with their “image” (website, social media, reviews, and overall presentation.) The largest was definitely the Doctor’s extensive knowledge and transparency! They not only backed up their image (which is hard to do, as it’s so easy to paint a pretty picture) they exceeded it! So we made the drive from CA to AZ and the moment we walked in their clinic we felt right at home. It was so warm and full of smiles! When we met with Dr. Couvaras and his team, everyone was so professional and pleasant to talk to. He was so focused on us, and asked a ton of questions and was even able to finish our sentences! It was as if he knew us better than we did! That’s impressive! Unfortunately, Rhoda (his Wife) wasn’t in, but within a few days of arriving home she sent me a personal (handwritten) card saying she was sorry we missed one another. That’s extremely classy, warm and made us feel completely supported! They even made running our labs out-of-state a breeze and their communication is top-notch! I love their online portal that makes it easy to send and receive messages, even when I completely forget my task. With a fast and friendly response, every time! Basically I could go on and on, and we only just started! So I’ll leave it at this, I highly recommend IVF Phoenix, because for the first time, in a long time, I feel hope again. Positive energy and honest support truly does radiate from the Scottsdale location.