I can safely say that nothing will prepare you for entry into this massive arena called infertility. That is the honest truth.

If you are a type-A personality, like me, you will struggle with the loss of control.

Fear will show up and come out swinging to take you down when you least expect it.

You will have moments of glory flanked with some incredibly low moments.

Your peers may not support you. Your family may say insensitive things to you.

You will cry in private. You will cry in public.

You will want to give up.

Some will tell you it’s your fault.

You will learn that doing everything absolutely perfectly is not enough.

You will hold your breath.

You will compare yourself to others.

You will need a strategy with a clearly defined game plan.

If fear arrives uninvited, write down exactly what is driving the fear rather than reacting in a fearful way.

Say it out loud. What is driving your fear?

Stop caring about what people think.

The only opinion that matters is the one you think of yourself.

I would like to start our own local support infertility group that meets once a month.

Would you attend the group session?

Drop me a line below and let me know if that is something you would like to know more about.

Love Rhoda