Ok, I will admit one of my guilty pleasures is binge-watching Shark Tank. ? I love so many aspects about the Show. The innovation. A Founder’s rise from food stamps to a leading a multi-million dollar company. The pitches that nailed it and so much more. Ok, maybe not so much Mr. Wonderful…..⁣
With millions of Americans transitioning to new careers, in-between jobs, or even applying for Residency or Fellowship programs, there may be a shift in what employers will be asking during interviews.⁣
1. What did you learn during the pandemic of 2020?⁣
2. What skills did you add during the pandemic of 2020?⁣
3. What surprised you most about how you coped during this time?⁣
Mark Cuban, a billionaire entrepreneur gives advice to those who are out of work during the pandemic. Control what you can control. “Wherever you want to work, use this time to become great at it, because that’s where the opportunities start to open up,” Cuban added. “If you just sit back and wonder what’s next, then it becomes all the more challenging.”⁣
I fully agree with this one, “You may have to go outside of your comfort zone and just get a job until you get that job you really want.”⁣
You may be thinking, he is a billionaire and doesn’t have the same issues. When he graduated from college in 1981, the unemployment rate had just topped 10% so there were no jobs.⁣
Here are some additional tips:⁣
Take online classes⁣
Do something to increase your skillset, whatever that is⁣
Reduce your TV and Video Game Consumption⁣
Find what you want to do, and use this time to become great at it⁣
Opportunities will open up and you will be ready for it⁣
Don’t stop applying for jobs!⁣
Learning something new may give a passion for a new career.⁣
I would love to hear your comments on the 3 questions above.⁣