I wanted to be a Doctor since I was 12 years old.

Today is National Doctor’s Day. It’s bittersweet for me to write this post given we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

As a physician, I am in a unique and blessed position to be a witness to the miracle of life for my patients. I am honored to be a doctor. It was not an easy path to become one.

What possibly awaits us today/this week is likely uncertain and unpredictable. Telemedicine has allowed me to sit face to face with so many of you. This has been a positive change in this challenging time. I remain here for you.

Now more than ever, we should be thankful for the many thousands of doctors and other healthcare providers on the front lines, across every corner of our country and beyond, who are putting their health and their family’s health at risk to advocate for each one of us. Last week, we learned of colleagues who are fighting for their lives while on ventilators, and unfortunately, others who have passed on. It’s a sad time, friends.

I’d like to request that you all join me in celebrating and being inclusive of all Doctors for the work and commitment to “health” care not just today but each day forward.

Be safe. Please remain at home. Social distancing is working. We need more time to spare others from this viral uncertainty.

John Couvaras, MD.