Will you join me for the Midway Challenge?

Midway Challenge

We need it. We crave it. We got it!
Make it blow through the front door, back door, side door- you have it to give!
For many of us, the obligatory must-do tasks of cleaning up, sorting through and purging old stuff is now complete. (If it’s not:get busy. Time is ticking).
What positive things can you incorporate as we move in the next phase of this real-life Master Class?
For me:
  • I have selected three books I have been meaning to read. Author @adrianatrigiani is featured here in this photo. .
  • I recharged my @ouraring to make me accountable to move my body plus I love all the data about sleep and core temperature. .
  • I’m taking inventory of what I have learned through this and how incredible our @ivfphoenix staff have been through it. .
  • Over this past weekend, I was not feeling right and my husband was waiting on me hand and foot. Truth is, he panics when something may not be right with me. I’m happy to back to feeling better but I am cautious. #keeper.
  • Telemedicine and online video has been so incredible to stay in touch.
  • Birthday drive-by parades warm the heart. Share your bounty with others.
  • It feels good and we need more of that right now.
xo Rhoda