Scientists know that smoking marijuana affects the genetic profile of sperm and that the male body is hardwired to respond to cannabinoid chemicals. What this exactly means for men’s reproductive health is less understood: Some studies show smoking leads to higher sperm counts, while others show cannabis use leads to a lower sperm count.

But the tide of new evidence now indicates that regardless of sperm count, marijuana use could affect reproductive health in a very challenging way. A study of 1413 couples in the Pregnancy Study Online (PRESTO) showed an association between paternal marijuana use and the likelihood of miscarriage. The questions centering around marijuana use asked whether the partner had used marijuana within the past 2 months, and the frequency of marijuana use during that period.

The bottom line: The study noted that 266 spontaneous abortions (18.8%) occurred during the study period, and couples where male partners used marijuana one or more times per week had approximately twice the rate of spontaneous abortions, compared with no marijuana use.

That said, I am not suggesting you are in the clear if your usage is less than once a week.

Guys, no one is getting a pass here, ok!
I would suggest you consider curtailing your use completely at least 2 months before conceiving, as new data will likely be forthcoming on this hot topic. In the meantime, let’s keep focused on our collective goal which to successfully conceive and carry a safe pregnancy to term. Dr C