So many messages this week about a certain celebrity’s IVF Journey.
It prompted rage
It elicited sadness
It brought on tears
It was so wrong

@parishilton unlike many is hoping to be a Mom and that is a dream no one should shatter BUT
her interpretation of the process has so many of us shaking our heads and frankly so upset for those of us who are so invested in our patients’ success.

Here are some facts:
Paris is advanced maternal age and her chances of abnormal embryos is HIGH

There is no guarantee a patient will have a boy or girl, moreover Twins.

IVF does not always mean a live birth.

Many relationships don’t survive the stress and mental fatigue. When a cycle fails it hurts like H E L L

The sadness is so deep and takes your voice away and crushes your heart. You feel like a failure. And, your financial resources are depleted.

IVF is not guaranteed to birth a child. It’s science and not something you can control. Truth is, it is a complete loss of control

My heart goes out to our patients. It’s still perplexing that we find ourselves in a place where someone can be so absolutely tone deaf about the real struggle of infertility.

We all wish her the best in her journey. We hope she becomes a Mother.

Let’s keep reality in check in the arena of reproductive treatments and follow the science .