Happy Tuesday friends! It’s September and we have managed to get through Month 8 of 2020! Today, we want to share about something close to home, quite literally. Post Monsoon storms recently here in AZ, has us opening dormant cupboards and looking high up at our ceiling in our home.  Did you know that your home can actually make you sick? Yes, we are actually being serious. There are things that may be in your home, causing you to feel sick. A 2002 study published by The New England Journal of Medicine found that opportunistic mold, such as aspergillus fumigatus, can spread to and grow inside the lungs—an ailment known as invasive aspergillosis that is significantly more deadly for anyone with a weakened immune system.

Another study concluded in 2012 by the University of Cincinnati, found that mold exposure during infancy drastically increased the chance of children developing asthma by age 7. And risk may actually begin before birth; a 2011 study published by the Journal of Molecular Sciences found that mold toxins disrupt fetal development and increase fetal death in mice.

It is important to remember that each home is different and each person who lives in that home is different, so while one occupant might get headaches from the moldy guest room another might have constant sinus congestion and a frequent sore throat. And health complaints can range from moderate to severe, both in intensity and frequency further complicating the identification of the health impacts an unhealthy home might have on its occupants.  The big takeaway, do not ignore it. It needs your attention to eliminate it and quickly!