Valentine’s Day when you’re single kind of sucks.

Valentine’s Day when you’re relationship is on the rocks really sucks.

Valentine’s Day when you’re in the infertility journey absolutely sucks.

Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day brings emotional freight that just seems too much.

Between the shots, oral and vaginal medications and all of this certainly spoils spontaneity.

The stress of these medical procedures and rising expenses can diminish affection, actually eroding the affection/love between partners. The plethora of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates everywhere are serving only as a reminder that a once joyful sex life is now devoted solely to obligatory, baby-making sex.

Can we set aside the stress and anxiety focus on why you chose your life partner?

Do what feels good no matter how small.

You have a few days to plan it. Here are some tips to help you survive this one night. I know you can do this.

Text a message the day before with an appointment invite: Meet me at x at 6 pm.

Plan a picnic in the park right after work. Some light snacks and blanket.

Seeing other couples out at dinner, not your thing? Head to the movies and yes, order the popcorn!

Get a card and put it under his or her pillow. I adore it when I find them “just because”

Make the effort to cook in and do it together.

The best gift you can give each other is support.