It’s late Feb and many who embarked on the latest fad diet have likely fallen off. Let me share what has worked for us.

More fresh vegetables, more legumes, less animal protein.

Initially, the introduction of heads of cauliflower was met with serious disapproval. The same applied for squash. But, after preparing insanely delicious and filling meals that dropped the lb’s….I now have a supportive and engaged audience at home.

We have posted recipes and hope that you have saved them to enjoy in your home.

We’d love your feedback of ingredients you are curious to try.

A clinical study assessed the feasibility of a dietary intervention among women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) comparing a vegan to a low-calorie (low-cal) diet. Overweight (BMI 39+) women with PCOS who were experiencing infertility were recruited to participate in a 6-month randomized weight-loss study delivered through nutrition counseling, e-mail, and Facebook.

Vegan participants lost significantly more weight at 3 months but then participant drop out was much higher at 6 months.

The answer: MEAL PREP.

If you want steady weight loss you need to look at what you are eating. Caloric restricted diets don’t work long term, but we have held our weight loss for more than a year now. 92 lbs between me and Dr C.