Forgive and forge ahead.
Another week down in our new normal
Another week ahead that will edit aspects of our new normal.

I am writing out my priorities for the week. For the first time I wrote:

?Patience with what I can control
?Forgiveness for what I cannot do at this time.
?I paused. I reread it. Then….
?I smiled. It was like the internal dialogue was cheering me on that I made this a priority.
?It’s essential. I want to thrive this week. I want virtual high fives!
?I’m realigning my goals to fit this time. How many of you have had a Tote bag and you just filled it until it became too much. Then you flipped it and went through it. You ultimately put back the essentials. Right?
?We are going back to education about your fertility journey.
?‍♀️Who is with me in wanting to learn about new science in fertility. Who is with me in taking steps this week in refocusing and managing aspects of life that are important and getting closer to our goals?

Reset starts now, Friends!! Love, R