There is one thing I am 100% certain of as it pertains to getting pregnant and staying pregnant after experiencing miscarriage.

It’s that no one can be 100% certain of why or when someone gets pregnant.

It is the biggest, bravest, most extraordinary job a woman will ever do. And yet, it’s also the still embedded in a traditional paradigm in our society. Why can’t you have children? Why are you seeing a fertility doctor?

Please stop asking someone when they are going to have children. Reproduction is not small talk. It is not a conversation starter. It is a buzz kill. I know.

If you ever hear someone reduce it down to a single reason they finally got pregnant, please don’t buy into this illusion.

The genesis of googling has been a daily practice for so many of us but when it comes to infertility it’s well-we think misleading. The search details may or may apply to you. Being told you cannot conceive drives our need to know more. The waiting causes anxiety and so we continue to click and click for more answers.

It’s comforting for us to think that we know how and why it happened–or in many cases, what wasn’t happening.

Infertility is tough. It will challenge you. Seeking fertility advice online is not personalized and we believe you deserve this. Each woman’s journey to becoming a mother will be as unique and individual as she is.