Not being pencil thin held me back. Doubting myself.

Another banner work year and heading home to attend events stag.

Online dating-well, it felt awkward and out of the traditional flow of dating.

I was independent.
I was thriving in my career.
I had amazing experiences shared with an inner circle of friends that had been in my blessed but single life.
HE was missing.
I did not NEED him.
I WANTED him..

I concluded my online profile with this:
I am seeking someone who knows the difference of holding my hand and chaining my soul.”

I remember squinting as if it hurt. Truth was I was deeply afraid of being judged.

Friends, 11 years ago I put my profile on and 4 hours later GreekAmericanBoy reached out to me.

If you are reading this and heading into the final stretch of this year and single let me encourage you to decide what you want before you think about what you need.

Marriage is and has been my most profound union.

Doing hard things knowing judgement was ahead takes more than courage.

I was online for 4 hours before I got his message. It’s been 11 years and we have never looked back.

Regrets and lamenting failed relationships does not serve you.

Look ahead. Discover truly what you want.

When we met on December 4th, he told me it was the last line of my profile that compelled him to declare “That is her.” Days later he attended a holiday party and declared, “I have met Mrs. Couvaras.”