Photo ID: For your safety, IVF Phoenix™ requires that all patients provide photo identification prior to undergoing any surgical procedure within our facilities.

Responsible Adult: It is our responsibility to insure that you get home safely after your procedure, post- anesthesia. Therefore, you must have a responsible adult, over the age of 18, with whom you have a relationship, accompany you to this surgical appointment. They must stay at the center during your procedure, and be available to take you home after you are discharged. If both you and your partner are having procedures on the same day, we require a 3rd party be available to drive the couple home. We prefer that this person also be available to make sure that you are doing well once you get settled in your home.

No Children: Children are not allowed in the practice on the day of your procedure. Please arrange for childcare prior to arrival. Unfortunately, children cannot be brought with you to your surgical procedure at any time or under any circumstances.


Preparing for My Surgical Procedure with Anesthesia

Diet: Conscious sedations is used in our surgical procedures. If you have never been sedated before, there are important things to remember. For your safety, one important rule is to ensure that you do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your procedure. If you have a specific medical condition or special situation, please discuss with your nurse before this time frame.

Appropriate Clothing: Patients should follow these guidelines:

  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • No jewelry
  • No perfume
  • Refrain from makeup
  • No contact lenses


Semen Collection

For most patients arriving to the practice for their egg retrieval, a semen sample will be required by the Embryology Team in order to fertilize the egg(s) after your procedure. Male partners are encouraged to collect their sample at home prior to arriving for the retrieval. Once you arrive, please inform the Reception Desk staff that you have your sample so they can notify the Embryology Team. If you are traveling more than one and a half hours to the practice, you may collect a sample in our offices after you arrive. The period of abstinence from ejaculation is 3 days and no more than 4 days, as sperm DNA fragmentation increases with longer abstinence.


Arrival and Departure for Surgical Procedures

Patients should arrive 90 minutes before your scheduled procedure, or as instructed by your nurse. After checking in at the Reception Desk, the clinical team will bring you and your partner back to the procedure area. Your nurse will check your photo ID, review your recent food and beverage consumption and have you change into a surgical gown. Next, you will meet your Nurse Anesthetist, who will start an IV (intravenous) in your arm for medication administration. The office will review your medical history before beginning your sedation medication. During your procedure, your partner or accompanying adult will wait in the Reception Area. Most of the procedures are completed within 30 minutes. Most of our patients take about 30-60 minutes to recover before they return home. We find that our patients recover best when they are in a familiar, comfortable place usually in their home. From start to finish, patients should expect to be at the practice for 2½ to 3 hours.