Those were the days.

Patients would come to visit. I would blow bubbles with the Littles. Every single time, I would cry as a marveled at these little miracles knowing how hard their Mama worked and waved in the journey.

Their visits served as an extraordinary currency that confirmed we were given such a profound opportunity to provide an incredible gift of life, of family.

This year, as we all know, has been extra hard. But, we all know that we can do hard things and we have all done much harder things than we had ever imagined.

As we countdown to this final holiday season of 2020, I hope you will all find peace in your new normal. I hope that you will be accepting of where you are today. Please take a moment to acknowledge all your blessings. I know you have many.

Learning to accept where you are today is where the most pivotal part of healing takes place. It’s what can move you PAST where you are right NOW.

This past spring, I lost vision in my left eye. It has taken me months to write this post. Admittedly, I needed to find my courage. In just moments, I found myself standing in a fog while in the supply room in our surgery center. Sadly, it has not come back. What did I learn?

I learned, as I had always hoped, my marriage was solid. My life partner, John guided me through my enormous grief and helped me achieve clarity from my loss. It has not been easy but it has been possible. I may have more things I can no longer do but I am learning more about adapting.

My staff have been extra gracious and accommodating. I’m grateful. As I look around (with my 1 eye and .11 of the other) I see you. I know the ending of this crap year may not have unfolded as you wanted. BUT, wait.

Be patient.

Your turn IS coming.
Love always,