Dear Incoming Residents and Fellows,⁣

Congratulations! Believe me when I tell you the very best is yet to come.⁣

While it is undeniable that we find ourselves in a world where “seasons” of difficulty or challenge are no longer segmented or limited. It is all blending into one difficult and trying year.⁣

Many of you did not get to experience graduation. It’s ok. There are several milestones ahead of you.⁣

My hope for you:

Remember that if it were not for the patient in front of you- you would not be where you are. ?
Practice kindness. Be authentic.⁣
Stay focused on why you chose to practice medicine. That laser focus will reap immense gratification both professionally and financially for you.⁣
Not everyone will like you and that is ok.
Focus on your craft and exercise respect, kindness, and stay curious.
First impressions are not defining but should be valuable lessons.⁣
Adapt and adapt again.
No one has the full transcript of what may lie ahead for you.⁣
Listen more and talk less. Repeat.⁣
Remain humble. Be inclusive. Be the example.⁣
And remember, you have been given a seat at the table. Cherish that privilege. It’s all up to you.⁣

Dr. C.