In recent weeks, with the rise of COVID cases across the country, I decided to look back at what transpired during Quarantine in my kitchen.
For those who know me well, know I love to entertain.

I find cooking to be my therapy. It’s a creative joy I adore and most of all, I relish in John’s appreciation of my home cooked meals.

I love to set the table with colorful linens and fresh flowers. Preparing and sharing food is a celebration.

I just adore the feeling of anticipation of when guests are about to arrive to see my curated offering.

I missed the company and joyful laughter among friends.

I missed vibrant conversation that no one was tempted to bring out their cell phone.
Looking back now, I am replenishing some of my pantry essentials. I wanted to share them with you: .
?Maldon Salt. This is an essential for every kitchen
?Truffle Salt: Incredible on soups and yes, popcorn
?Aged Balsamic Vinegar Glaze and a variety of oils
?Beans: Pinto, Black Bean, Fava and Garbanzo
?Frozen Berries of every kind. I froze Watermelon juice into cubes.
?Lemons/Limes: I make into ice cubes with fresh mint/basil for delicious cocktails
?Garlic: I have a glass jar in the fridge of garlic I have peeled myself sitting in some herbed oil .
?Sprouted Ezekiel Bread: There are usually 2 loaves in the freezer. I love to make my famous honey garlic croutons for salads.
Orzo, Couscous, Barley , Risotto and Penne
?Canned whole tomatoes, Tomato paste and of course Anchovy paste
?A goodly size of a Parmesan Wedge with the rind
?Nut butters: Almond, Peanut, Cashew
?Our amazing Greek olives from the Couvaras Family Farm in Greece .
What are some of your essentials? Please share with us! .
?In this video is US Team Captain for the Bocuse D’Or @chefrobertsulatycky teaching me how to make truffle mushroom ravioli. I’m sure his pantry has incredible essential items!