A recent study by the Journal of American Medical Association found that certain active ingredients in sunscreen can be absorbed into the bloodstream. The study looked at six main ingredients in sunscreens: avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, homosalate, octisalate, and octinoxate. Swipe right to see what harmful effects these ingredients can have.

There are two types of sunscreens on the market. Mineral sunscreens sit on top of the skin and reflect the rays away but leave a white residue on the skin and can be washed off with sweat and water. The second type is chemical sunscreens that go on easier but can be absorbed into the skin and now confirmed to enter the bloodstream.

So what should you do? Obviously living in the Valley of the Sun and going without sunscreen isn’t an option. Opt for mineral-based sunscreens, protective clothing or alternatives that do not deposit endocrine-disrupting chemicals into your bloodstream.

Our list of clean sunscreens include:

Babo Botanicals
All Good for Kids
Beauty Counter
Juice Beauty

Also, remember to get any darks spots and moles checked out each year by your dermatologist to reduce your risk for melanoma and other skin cancers!