Are you worried that coffee or caffeine can affect your fertility? As long as you’re not consuming high amounts, it’s unlikely to harm your chances of getting pregnant.⁣
This topic seems to be a never-ending debate, but we wanted to share about a recent study done in Denmark, they found that…Women who consumed more than 300 mg of caffeine per day (more than 1 cup of coffee) had similar fertility rates compared to women who drank less than 100 mg to none per day.⁣
Women who drank two or more servings of tea per day were slightly more likely to conceive than those who drank no tea.⁣
Women who drank soda were less likely to conceive in any given month than women who didn’t drink soda. Women who drank three servings of soda per day had worse fertility rates than women who drank one soda serving per day.⁣
If you want to play it safe with caffeine, taking in no more than 200–300 mg of caffeine a day—ideally 100 mg—is recommended. In terms of drinks that means:⁣
-A Brewed (8 oz.) Cup of Coffee = 95 to 200 mg⁣
-A Starbucks Caffé Latte grande (16 oz.) = 150 mg⁣
-Starbucks Cold Brew grande (16 oz.) = 280 mg⁣
-Black tea, brewed (8 oz.) = 40-60 mg⁣
-Coke (16 oz.) = 45 mg⁣
-Red Bull (12 oz.) = 111 mg⁣
-Cocoa from mix (8 oz.) = 5 mg⁣
-Milk chocolate (1.55 oz.) = 9 mg⁣
-Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate (1.45 oz.) = 31 mg⁣
-Ben & Jerry’s Coffee Ice Cream (4 oz.) = 45 mg⁣
You don’t HAVE to give up caffeine, just use your best judgment and moderate the amount you are consuming.