Business as Usual.
Do you remember hearing that?
Circa 2019

?How we reopen our doors and reorganize how we interact is going to take some adjusting.

?We wished this proud Mom the very best on her Graduation with us and not being able to hug her was just so hard.

?We are hearing about countries relapsing after relaxing social distancing mandates.

?We have guidelines in place for when you present in the office and this is a rapidly developing situation as we learn more about your care and keeping you safe.

?Telemedicine is here to stay and it has been a very positive option for our field.

? Cycles have restarted and that is good news.

✍️Our request for safety is not meant to complicate visits or to exclude but they are meant to protect all of our patients and get you closer to your goal of being a parent. We all want to share in the news of the #BFP!

?Always happy to share more so drop a DM if you need.
Love Rhoda