We are so honored that we were able to help this couple not once, but twice in building their forever family.

What we thought would be an exciting time of trying to conceive soon turned to what was almost a second full-time job. We saw several doctors, all who informed me that I was young and otherwise healthy so there really shouldn’t be an issue. None of which could actually tell me what was causing many unusual symptoms I had experienced. I had recommendations from “eat a lot of pineapples” to “Just sleep in a dark room”. Finally after over a year of the run-around, Doctor Couvaras at IVF Phoenix was the first doctor to look at my medical history and find an underlying disorder that was at the root of our issues. His treatment approaches take a very “out of the box” perspective helping couples conceive and carry healthy babies. After working with Dr. Couvaras for a few weeks and following his prescribed protocol, we became pregnant. Unfortunately, we had an early miscarriage with that baby and Dr. Couvaras and his staff couldn’t have been more professional and compassionate in the matter. After taking a few weeks to heal, we began treatments again and fell pregnant once again after 6 short weeks. We are overjoyed to share that on December 4th, 2015 we welcomed our first healthy baby boy. In 2017, we visited the IVF team once more in hopes of expanding our family. We entered our fertility journey with a “we got this” or “we know what we’re doing this time” mentality. As always, life had other plans and we found that my body was demonstrating different challenges than it had with my previous pregnancies. Without skipping a beat, Dr. C pulled out his bag of tricks with treatments aimed to eat away at the core of my endocrine issues. In 2018 we welcomed our second healthy baby boy. We felt so lucky to be in the hands of a doctor we truly trusted and now have two beautiful boys to show for it. If you are considering working with Dr. Couvaras and the IVF team, know that you have found THE place, THE team, THE doctor that could just be the answer to your prayers, we did. We are so thankful for Dr. C and his team!